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Partially Addressed Mail

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Print marketing is a powerful tool for businesses - ideal for contacting existing customers and generating new leads. A tangible, physical message is easier to read and harder to ignore than it's digital marketing counterparts. In this technological age, print still works and if anything, stands out all the more. The purpose of this page is to highlight a print marketing strategy that many of your competitors are unaware of, partially addressed mail.

What is Partially Addressed Mail?

Partially addressed mail is an addressed piece of mail where the recipient's name is not known, and your mail goes to complete postcodes (e.g. HD6 1LL). Your business benefits from sophisticated targeting without using personalised data. A good example is a business promoting an event and aiming to reach everyone in a certain mile radius of the event, or a franchise targetting every area where they have a store. We can run focused demographic checks to select postcodes which closest match your target audience.

For example, if you're a business who wants to advertise a bit further afield, and is branching out from their local area, we can help you find ideal postcodes. The format of the mailing could be a letter, a postcard or a brochure in an envelope. You can also choose a salutation that is specific to your business: e.g. Dear Sun Seeker, Dear Parent/Guardian or Dear Football Fan.

How does Partially Addressed Mail differ from other services?

Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) falls in between door to door distribution and Direct Mail. Here is a brief explanation of both (and a brand new third option) so you can be sure PAM is right for you.

Door to door distribution - the same flyer posted through every door in a specified postcode sector (e.g HD6 1). This is a very cost-effective option (especially at high volumes) for marketing based on geographic targeting. Prices start from as little as 6-7p per item and broader demographic checks can also be used on this service.

Direct Mail - a letter/flyer sent out to a complete address. Direct mail is the most targeted print marketing option. Our customers use this to contact an existing client list or a new set of purchased data. This service is excellent for smaller quantities and typically works out much less than a stamp price. PAM is a cheaper alternative, with savings as high as 4p per mailing.

Hybrid Mail - an online platform that allows you to send addressed mail on an ad hoc basis. Users can upload artwork, select a mailing format and order on a pay as you go basis. On this service, businesses looking at lower regular volumes will see heavily discounted prices compared to the Direct Mail counterpart.

Partially Addressed Mail criteria

  • It goes to every home in a complete postcode (e.g. HD6 1LL);
  • It must exclude existing customers and opt-outs;
  • It must have a declaration about personal data not being used;
  • It is recommended MPS records are excluded from the mailing list;
  • The PAF file used to obtain the data must not be a version which can - - - Identify an individual from a postcode; and
  • There is a minimum quantity of 10,000 to qualify for the price saving, with prices starting from just 20p per item.

Does PAM fit in with my marketing?

Partially Addressed Mail is a great alternative for businesses who don't have a mailing list and would like to save some money on their Direct Mail rates. It's a step-up from unaddressed door to door distribution because addressed mailings enjoy a higher read rate. Businesses are likely to see a proportionately higher response rate - even more so when considering the targeting aspect.

Marketing exercises that may benefit from this include:

  • Medium-sized businesses looking for new customers;
  • Promoting places or an Open Event for schools with a large catchment area;
  • Promotion of garden products (e.g. garden centres) or other businesses that require semi-local customers;
  • Businesses looking to target new build or more affluent estates; franchise marketing (where mass marketing for multiple branches is required).

To find out more about Partially Addressed Mail, please contact us on 01484 598555 or email [email protected] , and one of our personal Sales Consultants would be happy to answer any and all of your questions.