Schwarzenegger didn’t stop after his first gym session…

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…nor should you stop after your first flyer distribution.

All too often we get calls or emails from people wanting to distribute 1000 flyers to 'trial' if flyer distribution is an effective solution to market their business.  This logic is unfortunately the same as going to the gym once and expecting to see loads of muscle appear instantly or going on a diet for a day and saying 'if I see a dramatic change, I will continue'.  Arnie didn't become Mr Olympia from a one-time gym session; he became the most famous bodybuilder of all time through years of consistent repetition, hard work and training correctly.   This blog will show that if you use flyer distribution correctly, then you can see the same returns Arnie achieved through weight training.

From a teenager he trained repeatedly, he pushed himself to the limit and trained smart to ensure he achieved the best possible results.  The same is with everything, anything worthwhile achieving doesn't happen overnight, it takes a proper investment of time, money, or both.

So what’s the solution?

At Mr Flyer we don't just want to distribute flyers for you. Our business' goal is to build your business and build your brand through flyer distribution.  Neither goal will be achieved if you only distribute a small number of flyers once.  However, it's not only a numbers game; the audience/demographic we distribute to, the timing of the distribution, repetition, the design of the flyer, what it's printed on and how it's distributed all play a major role in the ultimate success or failure of your flyer distribution campaign. Let's break them down individually:


The more you distribute, the more response you will generally receive…obviously.  Usually, quantity is restricted by either demographic or budget, though sometimes it's not good to do too many at once as your business may not be able to handle a dramatic work increase. We generally encourage a minimum 5,000 distribution with a repeated drop to the same areas within 4-8 weeks.


It is important to be realistic with who your typical client is and focus on that. For example, we recently distributed for Meltham Golf club.  Their typical client is middle class, 40+ and from the local area.  As such, we only distributed their flyers to areas that fitted this demographic.  As a result, they received a 4000% ROI.


If you have a seasonal business or particularly busy periods then these should be taken into consideration.  For example, we regularly distribute for Kirklees Active Leisure (KAL). Their biggest opportunity for new members is the beginning of January because many people make unrealistic New Years resolutions to get fit, so they join a gym. As such, we put out more flyers for KAL in January than any other month.


You don't see an advert on TV once, nor hear an advert on the radio once, so why would you only distribute flyers once and expect an excellent return? There are many numbers thrown out there as to how many times one will see an advert before responding, but I'm sure we can all agree on, the more, the better.  Many of our clients, such as Papa Johns And Resin Drives, distribute to the same areas every month.  As such they are regularly in the public eye, and if anyone thinks about Pizza or needing a new driveway, guess who they will call first!  We recommend repeating every 4-8 weeks.


There is a whole page on our website for design.  To cover this quickly, there are 3 keys we recommend for a successful flyer design:

1. Bold headline: this must instantly catch the attention of the receiver and hopefully relate to them.

2. Eye-catching image.  Make the flyer visually stimulating with an image that has some relation to your business.

3. Call to action.  Often in the form of a discount. It's imperative to make this trackable (e.g. quote Discount Flyer to receive discount) and have a prompt expiry date so that you see a relatively quick ROI.


It’s important to remember that the quality of print speaks volumes for your business.  If you have a discount carpet company then a thin cheap paper is fine (130gsm). However, if you sell high-end carpets, you need something much heavier to portray quality (250gsm or 350gsm).  With print comes the size too; if you're doing a solus distribution then A6 is great, but avoid it for a shared distribution as it may be hidden under a bigger flyer.  Don't go bigger than A5; A4 is cumbersome, it doesn't go through a letterbox easily, it is too big for people to put on their notice board, and it costs far too much to print.

Type of distribution:

Our two door to door services are shared distribution and solus distribution.  Shared is great if you're working on a budget, or don't need to be targeted and instead are focusing on covering a mass area.  Solus is ideal for targeting specific demographics and generates a much higher response rate as attention is not shared with other flyers. However, if your product or service is not for the general public, but is instead for businesses, then we provide a business to business service.  This is a bespoke service where the location and target audience can be chosen, and then a full report of every business we distribute to is provided, which includes business name, contact number and website.

So if you feel your distribution campaign generated a disappointing response do not become despondent. If you persevere just like Arnie did, then you have the opportunity to see the incredible results too.  Please contact us today and quote 'Arnie Blog' so we can help you plan your next distribution campaign with maximum effectiveness.


You can also see a quick YouTube video on this subject, simply CLICK HERE