Door to door Distribution

The pros of door to door marketing

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Cost Effective

At Mr Flyer we provide a direct marketing service, leaflet distribution, from just £30 per 1,000 (+ vat), and you can have 10,000 leaflets printed from just £99. If you know a cheaper way to influence so many people I want to know about it!


We design eye catching and actionable leaflets which have an instant impact as soon as they go through the door. The design is key to the success of a leaflet distribution campaign.

Creates a Cause to Action

With almost every client we recommend a call to action to be on the flyer.  People don't usually respond to information, the flyer must give the receiver an incentive to act.  Often a voucher of some sort can be included on the leaflet. For instance, 20% off a hair cut when you hand in this voucher, expires on…

Sows the Seed

Not all flyers and leaflets will be applicable for the receiver straight away. However, if someone believes it will be in future, there’s a good chance they will use it a week, month, or even year down the line.  The best way to keep the seed sown is through drip effect marketing. This is where the same person will receive your flyer on a regular basis (every 4-8 weeks) so that your business is fresh in their minds.


If you have a fish and chip shop for instance, then your scope of potential clients is probably no more than a two mile radius, therefore, a local leaflet distribution will be ideal to hit your specific target audience.


If you have a Porsche dealership or a prestigious private tuition business, then the chances are your target audience will be the more affluent areas of your town or city. At Mr Flyer we can target your leaflet distribution to specific demographics.


Creates Brand Awareness

If you are a new business this is particularly crucial. You may have the best product, price and service out there, but if no one knows you exist then you won’t get very far. Leaflet distribution is an excellent tool to spread the word about your business.


Ideal for the Computer Illiterate

The Internet is a fantastic tool, however if your potential clients don’t have access to, or understands computers then you are missing out on a big market. My grandparents, for example, are probably more likely to see and respond to a flyer than a Google add.


Creates Demand

Much like Groupon cleverly send enticing offers to your inbox of products or services you had never considered, leaflets can work in the same way. You may not be actively searching for a new coffee machine, but if one with 25% discount suddenly comes through your door that can often sway your decision.


Hits a Mass Market

Mr Flyer offers leaflet distribution throughout West Yorkshire and parts of North Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and Lancashire, meaning there are more than enough people to receive your exciting new flyer.  I believe it’s vital to generate business from multiple marketing streams: direct marketing such as leafleting, networking, the internet, website, social media, word of mouth, and so on. It is then important to evaluate where most of your income is derived, then push this avenue further.  

If you have not yet tried leaflet distribution then make sure to contact us today so we can help you build your business through door to door marketing.