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The Truth About Greenwashing and Sustainable Leaflet Distribution

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Congratulations! By considering leaflet distribution for your business, you've taken an important step towards growth and success. However, with all the talk of greenwashing and the supposed negative impact of print on the environment, it's understandable to have questions and concerns.

In this blog, we'll explore the truth about greenwashing and sustainable leaflet distribution and show you how Mr Flyer can help your business reach new heights - while still being good for the planet.

What is Greenwashing and How to See the Signs?

Greenwashing is a marketing tactic some businesses use to make their products, services, or actions seem more environmentally friendly than they actually are.

This can be done through misleading claims such as asking you to do something supposedly more sustainable (when in reality, it's because it's cheaper for them), vague or irrelevant information, or by simply not providing enough detail to make an informed decision

To avoid falling victim to greenwashing, there are a few things you can look out for: Beware of vague or misleading claims, such as "eco-friendly" or "green", without any concrete evidence or certifications to back them up

Look for specific details and transparency about a company's sustainability practices, such as their supply chain, waste reduction efforts, or use of renewable energy. Check for third-party certifications, such as those from the Forest Stewardship Council, World Land Trust or relevant ISOs (such as ISO14001), which indicate that a company has been independently verified as meeting certain sustainability standards

How to Steer Your Business to Truly Sustainable Marketing, Especially Leaflet Distribution

Now that you know how to identify greenwashing, it's time to take action towards truly sustainable marketing - starting with your leaflet distribution. Here are some tips: Choose a combined printing and leaflet distribution company that offers carbon-balanced printing, such as Mr Flyer in partnership with World Land Trust .This means that the carbon emissions produced by your printing are offset by investing in conservation projects that protect and restore forests.

Opt for sustainable paper options, such as recycled or FSC-certified paper. Choose a door-to-door service with Experian demographic targeting included, which results in a smaller and more targeted quantity and minimises waste.

Remember, with marketing, less is often so much more! A big multi-page leaflet or brochure usually has too much information and an unclear call to action (CTA). So improve response rates, minimise unnecessary printing and save money with smaller flyers.

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How Mr Flyer Can Take Your Business to the Next Level

And Still Be Good for the Environment at Mr Flyer, we're committed to helping businesses grow and succeed while also doing our part for the planet. That's why we offer carbon-balanced printing in partnership with World Land Trust, which means that every leaflet we print can be carbon-neutral.

Plus, by choosing Mr Flyer for your leaflet distribution, you'll be actively supporting the work of World Land Trust.

This conservation charity protects some of the world's most endangered habitats and species. With their help, we're able to invest in conservation projects that not only offset our carbon emissions but also support local communities and preserve biodiversity.

Next Step

In conclusion, greenwashing can be confusing and misleading - but by educating yourself and making informed choices, you can steer your business towards truly sustainable marketing.

With carbon-balanced printing, sustainable paper options and enhanced targeting, with support from Mr Flyer and World Land Trust, you can take your business to the next level while also doing your part for the planet.

Enquire now about our eco-friendly leaflet distribution service, and let's work together to reduce our carbon footprint and protect our planet.