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What's the Difference Between a Flyer Distribution Service and a Flyer Marketing Service?

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You may have noticed that we have changed all the headlines on our website, social media and printed media that our service is no longer Expert Flyer Distribution but Expert Flyer Marketing. This decision came out of a quarterly strategy meeting thanks to the incredibly helpful book, Scaling Up. But what does the change mean to you, our customers? Please read on and you will see how much it benefits you and will build your business further.


Why the change?

The change to using the term marketing over distribution certainly does not mean we no longer distribute. However, for a long time now we have been a marketing company that performs flyer distribution, but to the outsider we initially just look like a flyer distribution company. In actual fact we have been offering so much more for a long time, and now we want you guys to see how beneficial it can be for you!


So how does changing to marketing help you?

Great question! Flyer distribution is so much more than just delivering flyers door to door. It starts way before this.  Here’s a breakdown:

•    An initial free consultation, where we establish what your goal for the distribution is.

•    From this we can develop a targeted and actionable flyer design, which will often evolve throughout a campaign.

•    We then can recommend which sort of print size, weight and finish will fit both your target audience, and your budget.  Which we then print at a competitive price.

•    Alongside these we establish your target audience, quantities, what properties to potentially avoid, what your ideal client looks like, etc.

•    We can then decide on the ideal frequency to repeat your campaign on, and for how long.  Only after we have performed all this leg work will we perform the actual flyer distribution.

•    At each stage also we can evaluate and tweak the design, tweak the areas, and tweak whatever else we deem will improve your return on investment.

This process transforms your response rate compared with just giving us flyers with your mind already made up on location and quantity. When we look after clients from inception, response rates are dramatically better.


I hope you can see the difference. If not give me a call, book a free consultation and all will become clear! To book your FREE expert flyer marketing consultation call 01484 598555 or email me directly: [email protected]