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Will leaflet distribution work in Birmingham?

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Scare mongering is going round at the moment as to the future potential effectiveness of leaflet distribution, not just in Birmingham, but nationally and internationally. So will online marketing take over, or will a leaflet distribution in Birmingham still be effective? This blog reveals all! 


But Mr Flyer is based up North, how can they help in Birmingham?

This is becoming a popular question, not just for leaflet distribution in Birmingham, but across the UK; so let’s address it first.  As of February 2018 Mr Flyer gained affiliation with the Royal Mail to become 1 of 19 affiliates in the UK. This means that we are now able to offer you nationwide leaflet distribution. We do all the targeting for you, artwork (if you need it) and the print, making it all ready for the Royal Mail to distribute via their trusted postmen.   On this, it's important to note that we don't charge you any more than the Royal Mail.


So is leaflet distribution actually effective?

Of course I will say yes! So instead, let’s look at some facts. In the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) ‘Annual door drop industry report 2017’, “door-drops had the highest growth of any medium at 7.4%”. So it’s in fact a growing industry, not declining! Why does something grow, because it’s effective. 


How to stand out from the crowd? 

Birmingham is of course a huge thriving city with many businesses aggressively marketing their business both on and offline. To stand out with a leaflet distribution in Birmingham, try following these strategies:

  1. Reach the right crowd. There’s no point having a great design and committing to a huge quantity of you’ve not identified who your ideal clients are and where they live. Targeting is essential. Click here to speak to a consultant who can do this for you. 
  2. Striking and actionable design. If your design is dull, so will your response be. Equally if it’s not actionable people won’t act, so always have a call to action. Learn more on great design here.
  3. Appropriate print size and shape. We offer loads of options on shapes, including die cuts (cutting to a unique shape such as a house). This doesn’t mean go too big though! Read why here.
  4. Choose the right distribution method. Depending on the level of targeting needed, it may be more appropriate to use direct mail, not door to door leaflet distribution. Understand the differences by clicking here.
  5. Repeat to the same audience. Novice businesses to marketing often try ‘test’ if it works. What they fail to realise is that it works most effectively when you repeat, this way you’re always going to be at the forefront of the receivers mind for your product or service. Read strategies on this here.
  6. Review. Within the review establish which areas generated the highest response rates, and surmise possible reasons why, review which design, size of print and so on works most effectively. This way the next campaign can use this info as a foundation for building a stronger strategy. 


This all makes sense, so what’s the next step?

If you’re serious about building your business using leaflet distribution in Birmingham, then please do speak to one of our consultants today by calling 0121 7966466 or email [email protected].


If you would like to visit our dedicated MR Flyer Birmingham website, please click here.  Also, you can read another Mr Flyer blog on Birmingham by clicking here.