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Flyer distribution and direct mail with Multi Award Winning Mr Flyer are the most direct, effective and easy forms of marketing in Bradford

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Marketing your business to create you more money

Are you craving to create a larger and more profitable business? We want to help you implement our proven marketing methods, which will bring more money into your business. Find out why leaflet distribution and Direct Mail in Bradford with Mr Flyer are the most successful, direct and easy form of advertising around.

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Our clients are confirmation that flyer distribution and direct mail with us really are effective.

Would you like to see these sorts of returns? This testimonial is one of many that clearly demonstrates flyer distribution with us really brings you more money into your business.

The question isn’t ‘should I use flyer distribution and direct mail’, it is ‘do I want to build my business, and build my brand'.

Presuming you do, then Mr Flyer Bradford is for you.

“I used Royal Mail D2D service for my first leaflet campaign, and having been disappointed with the response rate, I decided to look at independent providers, and met with the team at Mr Flyer who gave great advice of a new leaflet design/print, and more importantly they gave their suggested postcode targetting for my campaign, providing satellite tracking of the distribution, The response rate was double that of the Royal Mail distribution, and conversion in income from the leafletting campaign was over 300% of the cost of the print and distribution. I shall definitely be using Mr Flyer again for this years campaign, and would strongly recommend anyone to meet with Andrew and Michael to understand how the leaflet distribution can and will benefit any new users.”
Nik Wainwright, Lawn3 West Yorkshire

This one strategy will transform your marketing results

Why is it that my fireplace shop doesn’t do anywhere near as well as the competing fireplace shop two streets away when leafleting? Do you ever wonder why your trial day at the gym didn’t give you the same results as your friend who’s been going daily for the last 6 months? No? Have you ever questioned why your haircut from last year doesn’t look as good as your neighbours who goes each month? Obviously not! When that PPI advert played on the radio, did you call the first time you heard it? It was probably not until you heard it over and over. It’s the same with both flyer distribution and direct mail; people don’t typically respond to a leaflet the first time (nor any other form of advertising). To overcome this we strongly advise clients to use our 3 stage drip marketing strategy. Learn our 3 stage strategy by clicking here

Drip marketing

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