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It was a pleasure to work with Mr Flyer after a number of poor experiences getting our communications out – staff are professional, helpful, flexible and customer focussed, with a robust check back service and reasonable rates into the bargain. We’ll be back!

Local Authority Project Officer, Leeds City Council

I would just like to say a massive thank you for the Leaflet drop you did for us in Leeds. I was slightly hesitant of doing a leaflet drop at first but thought I would give it a go in the end and am I glad I did now. It has brought business back tenfold which is brilliant for business and just what we needed. You were fantastic to deal with and I will certainly be using you moving forward. Thank you again.

Scott Hufton, Owen Scott

If you looking for trusting and professional company look no further. This is my best experience with advertising in Huddersfield. From the moment of dealing with Mr FLYER to my response after distribution of leaflets from people, my new business is well on the road. Keep up the great job and will be using and recommending you around. Thank you for all the hard work.

Ivana Szelenyiova, The Massage Clinic

Over the years, Mr Flyer has helped Schools, Colleges and Universities to increase student numbers dramatically.

If you're looking to increase your student numbers with a proven, measurable and cost-effective design, print & distribution strategy, get in touch with the Mr Flyer team today to start your campaign.

The Schools Strategy for finding new pupils/Door to Door Marketing for Schools

"Receiving information on paper increases trust among customers." DMA

Using print in your marketing is a proactive means of getting your school's name in front of prospective parents. Flyers and leaflets are trusted sources of information, so using these can help guide parents towards your institution.

We have found that the most effective use of flyers for schools is to promote Open Events. A parent is unlikely to choose their child's school purely after receiving one leaflet from them (though it will put you on their radar). However, an Open Event (even a virtual one) is an excellent opportunity to get parents into the school. They can see the facilities, meet the teachers and get a feel for the school environment.  

The most diligent strategy to help make these opportunities as sold out as possible is drip effect marketing. It is achieved by:

-  Building up to the event with an initial invite 1-2 months before; 

 - Sending a reminder card the week before; 

 - Combine this with other marketing channels to reach the same audience; and

 - Incentivise the events to encourage people to attend (by offering branded merchandise, discounts on school uniforms, book vouchers etc.)

The Colleges Strategy for Finding More Students/Door to Door Marketing for Colleges

"[Gen Z] is 40% more likely to claim that mail can change their mind about a brand than the average GB adult." JICMail

Whilst it's true that many young people are digitally focused, print marketing still stands out. There is an air of being a responsible adult that comes from receiving post as a young person. Receiving a flyer through the door can help grab attention. 

As with schools, Open Events are the best way for students to get a feel for the college and decide whether they can envisage themselves there. Our recommended strategy for this is: 

  • Run a flyer distribution to the local area promoting the event 1-2 months before;
  • Follow up with a reminder card 1-2 weeks before the event; 
  • Coordinate the campaign with a social media advert (this can help achieve the touchpoints required for a great response);
  • Require sign-ups for the Open Event, so there's more of a commitment to attend; and
  • Incentivise the event by offering a free gift for every student that attends. 

If you're a college or Sixth Form specialising in certain courses, career prospects or University routes, then we recommend including this in your marketing. Students who have a passion or interest in your specialism are more likely to attend your events and, subsequently, apply for a place. 

The Universities Mailing Solution

In addition to helping universities with their national or local marketing campaigns, we can also help save time and money on your mailing requirements. 

We are in a position to help universities print and post invitation letters, place acceptance letters, prospectuses, course information and more. We can personalise each mailing with the student's details and relevant inserts, all through a GDPR secure system. 

In addition, working with us can help you save money on your print, whether you're looking for banners, posters, magazines, booklets, letterheads or any other stationery or marketing materials. 

Where do I get started?

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Whether you're a school, college or university, we are positioned to help you build your brand through the proven marketing strategies of door to door flyer distribution and direct mail. We make the process as straightforward as possible; here's how:

  1. Identify your Audience

The first thing you'll need is to identify your audience. For primary schools, this may be as simple as using your pre-defined catchment area. For independent schools and colleges, we can run a demographic check to help identify which postcodes closest to you have the highest concentration of your ideal students. 

  1. Design

Once you know your audience, you will need a design. Design is everything... everything (you can find out why here)! It needs to be focused, aesthetically pleasing and, most importantly, actionable. There are three keys that should be on every flyer design you use: 

1) A bold headline - usually best as a question (e.g. Is your child happy with their school? Would you like your child to reach their full potential?) 

2) Aspirational image(s) - the end result of using you. Happy children, working hard in a school environment, enjoying their learning. This is more relatable than pictures of the school building, facilities or the teaching staff; and

3) A call to action. A reason to respond. Setting yourself up as the solution to the question you started with. 

When we create bespoke designs for our clients, we go through a full design brief with them and use their school's branding to create actionable artwork, uniform with the existing brand. 

  1. Print

Your print should reflect your school, your services and your audience. For example, an independent school looking to target affluent parents within their area would be better using a high-quality card, to reflect the quality of the services the parents could expect to receive. 

If the aim of the print is for an event, you could have it designed in an invitation-style or ticket shape (such as DL or A6). 

We never recommend printing on thinner than 170gsm - your flyers will be delivered with the post and, as most leaflets are printed on cheap 130gsm, starting at 170gsm or above will help you stand out from other schools' leaflets even before the parent has started reading. 

  1. Action

Once you're ready to get started, we will make everything as easy as possible for you. We take care of booking in your distribution or mail, we handle all the print, we tackle the logistics and, we keep you updated throughout the entire process. Your marketing in our hands allows you to focus on other aspects of your school's marketing and your school's day to day running.

To get started attracting more students, contact us today on 01484 598555, or email us at [email protected].

Plan. Execute. Repeat

Our cyclical process allows us to test, tweak and refine your print marketing efforts to ensure you gain maximum results

Plan. Execute. Repeat Plan. Execute. Repeat

We take you through the process from the initial consultation, establishing the right audience, creating actionable artwork, printing on the most appropriate paper and then delivering either door to door or via direct mail.

We provide a full print marketing service that covers everything from strategy, design, print as well as targeted door to door distribution and direct mail.

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