Direct Mail, Door to door Distribution

Which is best, Direct Mail (DM) or Door to Door (D2D) Distribution?

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This is a popular question, and previously we may have had some bias toward door to door as we couldn't do the other! However, the good news is we now offer both. So what's a non-bias view on this? 


This is similar to asking which is better, a winter holiday in Canada or The Caribbean. If you ask my wife she would certainly want to be sunbathing in the Caribbean, but I would much prefer to be skiing down a black slope in Canada. Neither location is necessarily better, the key factor is which is most appropriate. It's the same with Direct Mail (DM) and Door-to-Door distribution (D2D). 


For instance, if you were an estate and letting agent marketing for more landlords, a door-to-door distribution would struggle to give adequate targeting. However, if we purchase you a list of landlords in your target area we can then create a direct mail campaign, which only goes to that exact audience.  However, if you were looking to increase the number of house valuations you perform (in the hope to convert into listings), then a door to door distribution would be much more effective as it can encourage a broader set of people to get a valuation, which they wouldn't have necessarily done otherwise, or at least not done with your business.  


But there's so much involved in direct mail right? Buying a list, designing, printing for every individual person, putting addresses on envelopes, enclosing the letter/flyer in the envelope, affixing loads of stamps, and then posting them. This will surely cost a fortune? Nope! We have packages that do all this for less than the cost of a stamp!


If you would like to see which would benefit your business more, or if a combination of the two will be most effective, please do contact us Today for a FREE consultation. 


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