Car Dealerships Leaflet Delivery Case Study | Perrys Mazda

Case Study: Perrys Mazda

Mazda dealership, Perrys needed a better strategy to sell new cars - one that didn't involve giving away margin-diminishing discounts. We recommended the gift marketing strategy...

The Client: Perrys are one of the UK's longest-standing car dealerships, selling new and used cars for multiple brands, including Mazda, Ford and Vauxhall. It was their Huddersfield Mazda dealership that we helped.

The Targeting: Thanks to a meeting with their sales manager, it was clear Perrys had a specific target audience in mind. They wanted people aged 35+ who lived within a 10-mile radius of their showroom and in a property worth £250k+. We recommended the most appropriate postcode sectors using our demographic data software and combined local knowledge. Then, based on their budget, they opted for a 3-stage design, print & flyer distribution trial of 20,000 per stage.

The Flyer's Call to Action: Perrys were accustomed to advertising significant discounts to increase footfall and, in turn, sales. However, with margins ever decreasing, they knew this approach was becoming unsustainable. From the initial meeting, we discovered that Perrys have a strong conversion rate once someone commits to a test drive. Therefore, we recommended our gift marketing strategy. We placed a £10 M&S voucher on the flyer design, with the call to action: Free £10 M&S voucher with any test drive. The voucher was given upon completion of a test drive and subject to a prompt expiry (so people would respond quickly).

The Results: Perrys sold over £200k worth of cars within a couple of weeks and went on to sell even more in the weeks ahead. And, of course, they continued with this approach many more times. We also tweaked the call to action split testing a bottle of wine versus an M&S voucher.

How we Achieved This: We implemented two of our critical leaflet distribution strategies to achieve these excellent results: drip effect marketing and gift marketing. Drip marketing is where you drip feed your message to the same audience frequently. People are much more likely to respond when they keep seeing your marketing. Gift marketing, as discussed above, is often a much more effective option than a considerable discount, especially when given without any significant commitment needed by the customer. Notice, people didn't receive the £10 M&S voucher upon purchasing a car, but simply upon taking a test drive.

The Clients Feedback: "Mr Flyer provide an outstanding and extremely well-tailored service, giving helpful and honest advice from the offset. From a repeat distribution Mr Flyer have recently carried out for us, we have already sold 6 cars, what a fantastic result! We are extremely happy with the professional service provided by Mr Flyer and look forward to working with them in the future." Neil Lawley, Perrys Mazda