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How to effectively use Leaflet Delivery Marketing

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Leaflet Delivery

Learn the strategy that provides the best returns from leaflet deliveries

This page will reveal how you can effectively use leaflet delivery marketing to build your business. Discover the secrets of actionable design, creative print and targeted distributions, and the most important strategy of all.

Since 2011 it has been our mission to build our customers business' and build their brand through printed marketing. We provide marketing strategy, artwork, print, leaflet distribution, direct mail, hybrid mail, and even by hand assembling printed point of display items, all done in our 15,000sq. ft facilities based in Brighouse, West Yorkshire.

Mr Flyer is also multi award winning, especially in the estate agency sector, and provide our services nationwide. To give you extra assurance that what we are about to share with you is credible and beneficial for your business we are DMA (Data & Marketing Agency) accredited, a member of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) and hold ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001 accreditations. 

That's the sales pitch over! So let's get started...

As you can see from the right, we have highlighted seven essential keys to consider with your leaflet delivery. Now you can invest a whole heap of time trying to cover the first six all by yourself, and then read a bookcase full of marketing books trying to establish the seventh...or you could just leave it to an expert company in the field! 

Part of opting for a leaflet delivery to help in building your business is choosing the right company to do it for you. Many companies out there simply want to work on the fulfilment aspect, the actual leaflet distribution. What we do is rather different. We work as a marketing agency, providing industry specific advice and implementation so you can get on with building your business. 

It is the seventh key that is going to be the focus of this page, as this strategy will make or break our leaflet delivery campaign. However, very quickly on design and print - consider that they must be actionable, relevant to the receiver, visually stimulating and the quality of the paper must represent the type of service/product you provide. For more on design please click here and here for print as they are both very big subjects, but not the purpose of this page.

The Most Important Strategy...

The most important strategy for any leaflet delivery is the drip effect marketing strategy. This is where you literally drip feed your message to your target audience frequently. Consider how many times have you responded to an email, a pop-up on Facebook, an advert on TV or any other marketing on first view? It will not be often! 

We humans are both cautious of marketing (and sales people), but also often very forgetful and easily distracted! For these reasons we need to keep on sending our marketing message to build up brand trust (not a fly by night business), to keep reminding the receiver of the benefits you will provide them, and to ensure that the call to action is so clear and strong that they will act promptly before getting distracted (again!). 

This loops back to the first key, wihich is the overall purpose. From the purpose we can create you an overall strategy. It is the strategy which will dictate what message we feed to the receiver each time, and when that will be. Therefore, the artwork will change every time, but ensuring brand consistency remains. The strategy will also dictate the frequency. We typically recommend every 4-6 weeks as this is not too frequently that you irritate the receiver, but not too long that they have forgotten about your business in the meantime.

It may sound a very simple strategy, but it is amazing how many businesses ignore it. Instead many presume they can 'trial' a leaflet delivery. This is as logical as someone trialing a diet for a day, and then quitting when they don't instantly achieve their dream weight. As with all thing worth having in life, we must work at them consistently to see real lasting fruit. Marketing is no different. 

I'm sure you have read this as you're serious about taking your business to the next level. At Mr Flyer, this is what we love to help you with. So please do contact us today and mention you have read this page. 

Keys to consider with your leaflet delivery:
  • 1. What is the overall purpose of the campaign?

  • 2. Who and where are your ideal target audience?

  • 3. What quantity and frequency matches your budget?

  • 4. What trigger or call to action is appropriate on your artwork?

  • 5. Which paper will produce the best ROI?

  • 6. What sort of leaflet delivery is most appropriate?

  • 7. What strategy provides the best overall return with leaflet deliveries?

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Exceptional service from these guys! Quick turnaround, excellent quality and easy communication. We will be definitely ordering again.

Marija Varzinska, Direct Blinds

Mr Flyer do top quality, professional work. They have a quick turnaround and have never disappointed me in their services regardless of if they did my business cards or flyers. I highly recommend their distribution service – customers can track the distribution team live. No other distribution company that I know have this quality service.

Kirt Nandakumar, Body Transformation Gym

Mr Flyer were recommended to me by our local garage who did a very successful mailer with you. I too have been delighted with the organisation of your company. You were most helpful when we discussing numbers and areas, the flyer you printed looks great and it was distributed on time and with surprisingly little fuss. There was one day when we were around and about doing viewings and were picking the flyers up from the doormats. It was quite exciting… It has already been paid for by the response a week later and we will be coming back to you to do another later in the year.

Clare Garvey, Hendys Estate Agents

Plan. Execute. Repeat

Our cyclical process allows us to test, tweak and refine your print marketing efforts to ensure you gain maximum results

Plan. Execute. Repeat Plan. Execute. Repeat

We take you through the process from the initial consultation, establishing the right audience, creating actionable artwork, printing on the most appropriate paper and then delivering either door to door or via direct mail.

We provide a full print marketing service that covers everything from strategy, design, print as well as targeted door to door distribution and direct mail.

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