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What to look out for when choosing the right leaflet distribution company for your business

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Choosing a Leaflet Distribution Company

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If you have landed on this page the likelihood is that your doing your due diligence before proceeding with a leaflet distribution campaign. This page is designed to guide you through this form of marketing, and to highlight how you can determine whether a leaflet distribution company is going help generate your business as strong return, or whether you will be sat wondering if your leaflets even were distributed. 

You may not have heard of Mr Flyer before, so if not here's a brief info, wrote by our founder (as is all this page). Mr Flyer is a print marketing agency. Since 2011 it has been our mission to build our customers business' and build their brand. We do this through printed marketing - be it artwork, print, leaflet distribution, direct mail, hybrid mail, and even by hand assembling printed point of display items, all done in our 15,000sq. ft facilities. In the first quarter we made a strategic merger with one of the UK's leading direct mail companies, Flow Solutions. This has brought cutting edge technology and in-house machinery, a joining of two strong teams with wider ranging skill sets, and the added credibility of ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001, along with our existing DMA (Data & Marketing Agency) accreditation. Mr Flyer is also multi award winning, especially in the estate agency sector, and provide our services nationwide.

Ok, so sales pitch over! Hopefully this brief intro has at least given you some assurance that what we are about to reveal and share with you is credible. So let's get started...

What to Look out for

Sadly in this industry there's a serious trust (or lack there of) issue. So this is a good place to start. There are many dodgy distribution companies out there just like in any industry, but in this industry unless you know what you're looking for, it's often harder to differentiate. The small list below gives you some pointers to consider very carefully:

1. Price. The number of times I have heard, 'oh, I can get it for just...by...'! Usually it transpires they want Mr Flyer to match that price as they don't actually trust the other company! As the old adage goes, if something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Bare in mind it takes anywhere between 4 and 8 hours to distribute 1,000 flyers (4 hours for rows of terraces with no front gardens up to 8 hours for affluent long drive detached houses locations). The average is 6. At time of writing the national living wage is £8.72 p/h, which is £52.32 for 6 hours. This is before any travel time, travel cost, employer pension contribution, employer NI contribution, admin costs of the company, and all other business overheads. How then we hear of leaflet distribution companies charging circa £55 per 1000 for solus distribution - something clearly doesn't stack up!

2. GPS tracking. When we started out we were one of the pioneers of GPS tracking, yet as years went on it became the norm. We did see some dodgy businesses vanish as a result, but not all by any means. The a client told us about the company they previously used, and the con they had on GPS tracking. Yes they would provide you of GPS tracked maps of your chosen area, however, they were not done when your distribution was! They were a one off for someone else. This client went around a good chunk of the GPS tracked map area and no one had received his flyer! Unless it is live tracking, this no longer gives much assurance. 

3. Proof focused or marketing focused. Many times people get so bogged down on ensuring their flyers actually get delivered, they forget the actual reason why they are doing the distribution in the first place. Many leaflet distribution companies have their marketing message all about proven ghat they do indeed deliver your flyers, but fail to address how that can benefit you and your business. Always remember WHY you're doing this - you want to see a return on your investment, you want to build your business and your brand. The marketing aspect is vital, and that's what the remainder of the page will help you with.

The marketing driven approach 

We describe ourselves as the print marketing agency. This is because we help you build your business through print based marketing strategies, from inception to fulfilment. Often a leaflet distribution company has little understanding of marketing principles. Without these they can't consult you on the most effective ways to generate the strongest possible ROI for your business. At Mr Flyer we provide the full service, including an initial consultation, artwork creation, print, distribution, and follow up - and all of this is part of a long term on-going campaign. Here are the essentials when planning a campaign, all of which should be covered in your initial conversation:

1. Target demographic and location(s). This determines the type of demographic to target and where (such as Mazda car dealership looking for middle class people with household income of £35k+, aged 40+ and within a 5 mile radius of the showroom). It also dictates the message and artwork, the type of paper to print on, and even how frequently to repeat.

2. Actionable artwork. This must be actionable - we recommend 3 keys: 1. bold headline (usually in the form of a question relevant to the receiver), 2. eye-catching image (with the Mazda example, not of the showroom, but of a good looking 40 year old couple smiling driving along a country road...in a Mazda!) and 3. Call to action (CTA). Without a call to action, no one will act - it's crazy how much information people want to give without giving a reason to respond. Sticking with the Mazda example, we recommended they give a £10 M&S voucher for every test drive taken when they mentioned the flyer - from a 20k distribution they sold 12 brand new cars! Suffice to say they continued doing this.

3. Appropriate print. It must be appropriate, so if you offer discount TVs it can be on a thin paper (130gsm - 150gsm), but if you offer. amore premium product then your paper must portray that (250gsm+). Often budget dictates paper type, size and format, yet it would be better to reduce on quantity rather than appropriateness of print.

4. The right delivery. The bulk of this page is focused on door to door leaflet distribution, however in many circumstances direct mail distribution is much more appropriate. Typically most leaflet distribution companies don't offer this, which means you may be receiving the wrong type of delivery. Typically, the more targeted you need to be the more chance a direct mail campaign is more appropriate, especially if you are business to business (B2B) focused.

5. Drip effect marketing. This is a term every distribution company should be familiar with, but sadly few are. This is where you drip feed your message to the same targeted audience on a regular basis. How many times do you respond to something you've not heard of on first view? Likely not a lot, if any - so why expect other people to? This is why we recommend an absolute minimum 3 stages to the same audience within the first 3 months of marketing with us. 

We have covered a lot of information here. I do hope it has been beneficial, and that the pointers given will spare you from losing thousands of your hard earned pounds with a dodgy distribution company, and that instead you have the ammo to execute a business building leaflet distribution campaign. 

My call to action for you is to get in touch with us today, let whoever answers the phone know you have read this page, and ask that you speak with a consultant to see how Mr Flyer can help you build your business and build your brand.

What our customers say

After asking Mr Flyer to look over my stationary needs, Mr Flyer promptly arranged a meeting to go over my requirements. They understood my passion for getting things right and made it clear it was no trouble to make any changes. I was very happy with the end result and would have no hesitation at all in recommending Mr Flyer to anyone who requires printing work or leaflet distribution.

Mick Leech, Parkside Garage

If you looking for trusting and professional company look no further. This is my best experience with advertising in Huddersfield. From moment of dealing with Mr FLYER to my response after distribution of leaflets from people my new business is well on the road. Keep up great job and will be using and recommending you around. Thank you for all hard work.

Ivana Szelenyiova, The Massage Clinic

We regularly use Mr Flyer to distribute up to 15,000 flyers at a time for our membership campaigns. Mr Flyer offer a cost effective and reliable service and are more than capable of dealing with our often short notice requests, the guys are also able to offer expert local knowledge when looking at which areas to target. Happy to recommend.

Karl Howarth, Kirklees Active Leisure

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Plan. Execute. Repeat Plan. Execute. Repeat

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We provide a full print marketing service that covers everything from strategy, design, print as well as targeted door to door distribution and direct mail.

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