Is there a more trustworthy approach to marketing than being "liked"?

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We all know that for most businesses, more customers = growth.

However, the challenge is finding the right customers; where do you begin to find someone to buy your product or service? 

In 2017, most businesses will begin online or on social media.  In a time where the majority of people own a smartphone and go online several times a day, there are a lot of media channels available to get your brand in front of people - and you can be very targeted with it. In terms of brand exposure, it may be the quickest and most cost effective means of marketing available.

But getting your brand in front of people is only step one. How do you transition from developing brand awareness to cultivating brand trust? 

Studies would suggest that in a digital-driven world, traditional mail stands out. The perception of mail is that it is 2.5x more of an accurate reflection of the sincerely held views of the sender than a post on social media. In a 2017 study comparing the effects of mail and email, when respondents were asked which channel makes them feel valued, 70% said mail. When asked which they would most likely give their full attention to, 65% said mail. 

Most importantly, mail came out as being 4x more believable than email! Believability is a key indicator of trustworthiness.

Mail is the physical representation of your brand, making you a real entity to your audience. Whilst social media and email marketing are necessary for modern business growth, overlooking Direct Mail means missing out on a lot of untapped potential in brand development.


What will I get back from a Direct Mail campaign? And can it produce a better return on investment than other channels?

According to studies carried out by Touchpoints in 2015 and 2016, the following responses came back:



And how does mail compare with other channels?


This shows that mail is highly reactive and that it does work PROVIDED you’ve considered the keys to making it successful…


How can Direct Mail work to benefit MY business?

Direct Mail can work with most businesses, but there’s a lot more to mail than simply posting a letter. There are 3 key aspects to Direct Mail that will determine it’s success: audience, message and frequency.

  1. Audience: who are your best customers? And where are they? If your target audience is homeowners in West Yorkshire aged 40+ who’ve had their house on the market for 3 months or more, we can find them. 
  2. Message: the message you send has the potential to make or break your business. You need to be succinct, relevant, beneficial and actionable. How can you add value to your target audience? What can you do that others cannot? And what can the recipient do to respond to your message? 
  3. Frequency: once is rarely enough. There is a principle in marketing called the drip-effect: the more people see your brand on a frequent basis, the more likely they are to respond to it. Once you’ve obtained your customer database, get the most for your money by using it again and again.  

So what do I need to do to get started with Direct Mail? How much of my time will I have to part with to plan my campaign? 

With our packages, the answer is very little. Our unique Direct Mail approach means that we will do everything for you. Simply talk to us about what you want to achieve and who you want to reach.

We will find your customers, we will design your message and mailing, we will personalise it, we will print it, we will envelope it, we will post it - all with prices starting from less than the cost of a stamp! 

Contact us today to start planning whose letterbox you want your brand to be seen in.